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Bush Wins Rulings on Gitmo Detainees

Very quietly, an important case was passed on Tuesday.

Richard Leon, a federal district judge for the US District Court for the District of Columbia, ruled Tuesday that the government was properly holding two Guantánamo detainees as enemy combatants. This was the first clear-cut victory for the Bush administration in what are expected to be more than 200 similar cases.

Rulings such as these are significant, among other reasons, because the Obama administration may use them to justify continuing to hold certain detainees even if they’ve already closed the Cuban prison down.

This is only a district court case that is likely to be appealed, so the extent of its impact is likely yet to be determined. The lawyer of one of the detainees said several issues were appealable, including the fact that the government was allowed to rely on classified evidence which her client was not permitted to see.


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  1. In my opinion there are several issues that should be analyzed, discussed, and addressed in this matter. At least, we have a human right and a [US] constitutional issue related to the Guantanamo detainees. There is also a political one: what do we do, as a civilized society with our VP Dick Cheney’s admission of torture and what Obama is willing to sacrifice in order to reconciled this country. Certainly Obama will be testing the support of his liberal base –so far he had no problem insulting the gay community that supported him. This last maneuver of the Bush administration was expected and the Obama administration should not surrender the principle of law. Also, there is public relation, world image, issue as well that is critical to the success of the new administration’s foreign policy. Closing Guantanamo is the first and most important single action the new administration should do to regain the respect of the world community. Sailing back to support the Geneva Convention will provide the moral restitution US needs right now.

    Comment by GR | January 1, 2009 | Reply

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