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Films You Need to See: Waltz With Bashir

I’m beginning a new section titled, “Films You Need to See.” Whenever I find a potentially great film that’s foreign, still in production or post-production, produced independently, or for any other reason is just beyond America’s radar, I’ll post it here.

The first film below, “Waltz With Bashir,” is an animated documentary film that captures the horrors of the 1982 Lebanon War:

I don’t think it’s been released into American theaters yet. So, in the event that I hear of anything, I will be sure to post it here.

After watching “Waltz With Bashir,” I’m reminded of another animated, auto-biographical feature that everyone should see…”Persepolis”:

Here’s another foreign film that you must see – “The Class”:

Perhaps the French version of “Dangerous Minds” or “To Sir, With Love,” this film is a microcosm of present-day France, its school system, and the clash between cultures and attitudes.

When I saw Mark Ruffalo in “Zodiac,” my immediate thought was that here was a young actor in Hollywood with a bright future. Since then, I’ve decided to follow him no matter what project he pursues. His latest film, “What Doesn’t Kill You,” looks to be worth seeing:

Here’s a film currently out in theaters that you should see, “Slumdog Millionaire”:


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  1. Excellent contribution! Can you bring this section to the top so it could be more visible? Can it be arranged in some sort of tabular form (matrix, a la Netflix queue) so it can be easier to identify? Awesome section!

    Comment by GR | January 4, 2009 | Reply

  2. I recently wrote my first Netflix review of the French film, “Priceless.” Apparently, it takes a couple days (for screening, I presume) before they post reviews. As soon as I have that page/section up and running, I will create an RSS feed that links to this blog. Thus, every time I write a new film/show review, it’ll appear on the blog’s sidebar the way the “My Films/TV Shows” feed already does.
    The difficulty in this case, though, is in the fact that the movies I mentioned above are not widely available to mass audiences. For example, “Waltz With Bashir,” as far as I know, has only been shown at film festivals (Cannes, Toronto, etc.). I haven’t seen it yet. Therefore, I would first need to find a way to watch these films, and then I can review them. So, it’ll be difficult to maintain an RSS feed for movies that are still in production or post-production, or are still on limited release.
    Thanks for the feedback.

    Comment by socialvox | January 4, 2009 | Reply

  3. Once again, excellent contribution for all of us, movie lovers. Is it time to modify this blog’s format for an early selection of topics (i.e. at the top) so we can go directly to the area of preference?

    Also, please include Cannes’ website RSS (at the bottom) to your excellent blog: –I did it to my Flock for now. You may need to travel to all film festivals to get a first-hand review ;) Speaking multiple languages may me required…. ;)

    It may be time, perhaps, that you contribute your passion to the Miami International Film Festival:

    Comment by GR | January 5, 2009 | Reply

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