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Ground Report and the Citizen Journalist

Thanks to The Huffington Post, I learned of a really interesting news source: Ground Report. What’s Ground Report? Check out this revolutionary concept (found on their “About” page):

On GroundReport, you’ll find trusted world news, video and opinion from citizen journalists like you. is a global news platform that lets anyone publish videos and articles and earn money based on traffic. We have over 3,000 contributors worldwide who regularly break stories hours, days and weeks before major media outlets.

GroundReport brings you on-the-ground news coverage you won’t find anywhere else. And unlike other sites, we pay all of our contributors a share of revenues, based on their traffic.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

To the aspiring citizen journalists out there: grab a camera, find a story, and inform the world!


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  1. This is a very interesting social and professional phenomenon. On one side, we have the traditional media controlled by powerful corporations and media moguls like Murdoch and other fat cats. Then, in a different arena, we have celebrities ‘informing’ the general public. Let me explain the last one. I was watching the Gators-Oklahoma game last night, and had no choice but listening to the stupid comments of Eddie George, Jimmy Johnson, et al. It used to be that the Costas of the world were professional communicators that knew sport history and could make an intelligent analysis without steroids –should I say Viagra also?– and other mumbojumbo made up stuff. In the more critical betrayal of the serious press, we have the networks and their reporters failing to ask important questions, becoming accessories of murder of the truth –do WMD and Iraq sound familiar? It does not have to be like that and this ground reporting and serious bloggers are demonstrating that they can bring up the real stuff and ask decisive questions. Serious reporting is not dying, but it certainly is the exception –let’s thank for a minute the Washington Post, New York Times and few others. That is why when we see CNN’s Christiane Amanpour and others like her, we feel hope about the possibility of having intelligent professionals doing what they are supposed to do: serious journalism. The potential for citizen journalism is huge; my concern is that well-interested, passionate people may not have the instinct and knowledge to do serious work. Kudos to Social Vox and others blogs like DailyKOs and The Huffington Post for doing serious, professional, and challenging work.

    Comment by GR | January 9, 2009 | Reply

  2. Part II (I’m dead serious about this issue)

    **More on my previous comment. Please read Arianna Huffington on why the media is making more noise on soap operas than reporting what is going on with the tax payers money:

    **Don’t take me wrong on my earlier comments about the NYT and the WP media. They are not immune to some corporate influence. But at least they issue apologies when they compromise their content. I feel that I should include these new players (well, at least for me as I never expect so much, so good quality writing from these magazines). I am talking about Rolling Stones Magazine (check this important article by Naomi Klein and Vanity Fair (, with very good and serious investigations.

    ** Thank you Social Vox for aggregating these feeds (RSS)

    Comment by GR | January 9, 2009 | Reply

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