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All Eyes on Holder

Since the days of Alberto Gonzales, the Department of Justice, and particularly the Office of the Attorney General, has tainted, to say the very least, the United States judicial process. In the Bush years, torture and CIA black sites have become somewhat synonymous with the war on terror.

That’s why today’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Eric Holder’s nomination for US Attorney General is so significant. Immediately, Holder’s responses established a position, both a legal and a philosophical one.

These were Chairman Leahy’s first two questions, and Holder’s answers to them:

Is waterboarding torture?

“Waterboarding is torture.”

Can the commander-in-chief override a law, in the name of national security, to allow this form of torture?

“No one is above the law.”

Hopefully this is the beginning of the cleansing process. Hopefully we will reconstruct our image as a nation of laws.

Mr. Holder, our eyes are on you.


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  1. Despite President Bush assertion that US image is not damaged in the world, that is not true. The world, many times envious of America’s position, many times angry at America’s indifference to global causes, got disgusted of knowing that America disrespected human rights, betraying the Geneva Convention, and later stating that these consistent practices were legal and valuable tools to fight extremism. Many countries with longer experience in dealing with these threats recognized the importance of not embracing systematic torture. I am not implying that these practices were not performed, but openly stating support and relying on euphemism such as ‘enhanced interrogation techniques’ placed the leaving administration at the level of the most sinister governments in history.

    Comment by GR | January 15, 2009 | Reply

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