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A Project for the First Lady, Michelle Obama

At least in recent years, one of the roles of the first lady has been to increase awareness of certain women’s issues throughout the globe.

While I’m sure that Mrs. Obama already has an agenda for herself, there is an issue that I believe is worthy of her attention: widows in India. In The Forgotten Woman, the documentary tells the story of some of the 20 million Indian widows who are abandoned by their families and forced to live on the streets when their husbands die.

The trailer for “The Forgotten Woman”:

United States’ interests in the region of south Asia, namely India and Pakistan, are only increasing. How those relationships are handled in the coming years is imperative to the success of our foreign policy. Along with Secretary of State designate Hillary Rodham Clinton’s presence, Mrs. Obama’s deft touch, as a woman and as a high-powered intellectual in her own right, may be an effective tool for furthering both women’s rights and U.S.-India relations.

Mrs. Obama, perhaps this issue should be on your agenda.


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  1. Is this true? I mean are these things still happens as of today? This is really barbaric if true.. Why wait for Mrs Obama’s action. THe Indian government or at least some private sectors can do something to change this barbaric style. Widow women are left to the streets? FOR WHAT? have conscience.

    Loan Modification

    Comment by vonowen | January 20, 2009 | Reply

  2. I said it before and I say it again.
    WE need more minds like yours to say loud and clear to the world the injustices that are taking place.
    Sometimes it takes that extra comment from someone to start the fire.
    Keep up your good work and desire for a better world.

    Comment by amc | January 21, 2009 | Reply

  3. Vonowen,

    You are absolutely right. It should fall upon the Indian government to do something. However, as the documentary notes, it’s a country with a difficult tension between modernization and embracing its cultural heritage. India is a booming economy, but some of its traditions are still from another century. It may take respected voices from within India, such as prominent men in politics, or perhaps that of a foreign dignitary (Hillary Clinton/Michelle Obama), before we see any change to long-held customs.

    Comment by socialvox | January 21, 2009 | Reply

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