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The Boy in the Photo

As I began creating this blog, I thought to myself, “it would be great to upload a picture on here.” As I scavenged through the hundreds of pictures that I’ve taken, I settled on the one now found on the homepage — a young boy, standing in a creek, looking out. It was a picture I took three years ago in Big Sur, CA.

The fact is, when I snapped the picture the boy was looking at his dog playing in the water about ten feet away.

In my imagination, however, the picture illustrates much more.

The boy is young and thin, some of his bones visible to the naked eye. The water to his right seems to come alive, swirling and growing stronger. The small boy looks to his left, and to his dismay there is only darkness.

Alone, he looks out into the great abyss. He shivers a little.

He looks around, but cannot find a single adult within shouting distance. The water swells even higher. The darkness creeps a little closer, consuming the birds’ songs and the very air the boy breathes. The cold, firm grip of despair tightens around his spine. The boy asks himself, “What can I do?”

When faced with adversity, what can you do?

I was in law school for over a year, but I wasn’t having a good time. The classes satisfied my intellectual curiosity, and I’d made some wonderful friends, but something was missing. I didn’t feel passionate about the work. I began to sense that the fire in me, which once burned and knew no master, was dying slowly.

I realized that I had to leave law school and pursue my dream of writing. That was when I stepped into the creek. To my right awaited a crumbling economy and family members who considered my departure from the law a fatal mistake. To my left, my future career in writing was a great abyss — full of uncertainty and perhaps too dark to see the dangers ahead.

What should the boy do? I started a blog.

It’s not much so far, but it’s certainly a start. In the face of fear, I’ll have to rely on my words to guide me through the rising tide, and act as a flashlight for the darkness that looms.


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My first blog: An Intro


This is my first blog, and I’m very excited to get started.

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