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Gustavo Adolfo Rearte

Founder, Social Vox


Gustavo Adolfo Rearte is founder and publisher of Social Vox, a blog that focuses on the key current affairs and entertainment news of the day.

Rearte was born on February 28, 1985, in Santurce, Puerto Rico. The son of a Cuban mother who fled communist Cuba with her family in 1960, and an Argentinean father who fled the military dictatorship in 1977, Rearte was keenly aware, from a young age, of the effects of political oppression. For over 20 years, Rearte has lived in Miami, FL, with stints in San Jose, CA and Washington, DC.

Rearte earned a bachelor degree from the University of Miami (2003-2007), with a major in Political Science and a minor in Portuguese. He graduated Cum Laude.

In the fall of 2007, Rearte began his study of law at The George Washington University Law School. After a year of school, and an internship at the Miami Public Defender’s Office, he realized that his true passion was something else entirely — writing. It is through blogging and various forms of creative writing that he has found greater satisfaction.

He has launched this blog as part of a journey. It is a journey toward discovering the world around him, but also toward discovering the world that lives within him.


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  1. Can you help clarifying the Somalia’s pirates issue? Yesterday (12/17) on the News Hour (PBS) Emira Woods ( stated that pirates were once fishermen, now displaced by social-economic and political reasons. That changes the whole perspective, although nobody denies the criminal metamorphosis they’ve achieved. In other words, and according to Emira, US support for the current incompetent and corrupted Somali government contributed to this social phenomenon –“blowback” all over again. I think this is important to clarify, and few people are talking about it. Still criminals, the way to solve this problem is acknowledging the ecological and economical conundrum this people are experiencing –they have no other way to survive! Here is the Podcast and brief on what was shown on PBS yesterday.
    Thanks in advance.

    Comment by GR | December 18, 2008 | Reply

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