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To the GOP, Jindal Just Ain’t Obama

From Day 1, I found it comical that the GOP deemed Gov. Bobby Jindal the party’s savior. Here’s the sort of conversation I bet Republicans were having:

Republican #1: “OK, Obama is our new president. What does he have?

Republican #2: He’s smart, diverse, and young. Kinda cool actually.

R #1: Got it. The demographics are changing in America, so let’s change, too!

R #2: Exactly. Who do we have that’s socially conservative, doesn’t believe in divorce or funding stem cell research, and is smart, diverse, young, and cool?

R #1: Bobby Jindal, of course!

Obama didn’t win because he’s young. Or because he’s African-American. Or because he’s cool and knows how to operate a Facebook account. Obama won because of his message of hope and bringing the nation together. His campaign was about returning America to what it used to be: an ideal, a nation of laws and diplomacy, an example for the rest of the world.

True, the fact that he’s young, hip, and of a mixed background made him a more attractive candidate. But I think the Jindal response demonstrates that politics, and particularly the aspect of public persuasion, is still about words.

Here’s MSNBC’s take on the response:

The fact that Jindal is Obama-Lite does not automatically create a winning formula. You still need a substantive, forward-looking game plan for this country. The tax cut rhetoric and the pursuit of other Bush policies should be put to rest. The GOP will have to dig deep, and search its collective soul. If you want to do battle with Obama, his heavyweight entourage and silky smooth oratory, you better come up with something fresh.


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  1. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

    Comment by amc | February 26, 2009 | Reply

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