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Richardson Withdraws Bid, Possible “Pay-to-Play” Scandal

Richardson withdraws bid to be commerce secretary – Yahoo! News.

Man, Obama just can’t catch a break. Multiple bailouts, the corruption scandal in Illinois (we still really don’t know the extent of his transition staff’s involvement), the Israeli-Palestinian escalating conflict, and now Bill Richardson’s possible “pay-to-play” situation — all before he even takes office.

It seems a California-based company that contributed to Richardson’s political activities was later granted a state contract worth over $1 billion.

Secretary of Commerce was a mere consolation prize for Mr. Richardson, at one time thought to be the next Secretary of State. Now, that’s all a moot point. Mr. Richardson has withdrawn his candidacy so that the new administration doesn’t “delay for one day the important work that needs to be done.”

Mr. Richardson, I hope you and your staff have some good attorneys.


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  1. Why the surprise? I remember the conversation former Gov. Richardson had with Tim Russert, no more than a year ago in Meet the Press; he could not convinced anyone of his lack of honesty in his answers. The fact that he received a cabinet appointment by President Elected Obama does not clear his dubious past. A populist, old-style politician, and another embarrassment for the Latin community, he will not be missed. The Clinton camp is laughing. I’m glad is out. So now that most early campaign favors are paid, let’s nominate a competent Secretary of Commerce.

    Comment by GR | January 4, 2009 | Reply

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